Trust in the Lord with ALL thine heart...

Mission Gospel Train is an outreach ministry that comes from the heart of its founder,
Pastor Edward Jennings Tyson.

As the new Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Pastor Tyson shared his vision for
gospel music to fill the void of music programming targeting the African American
communities in Texhoma. After declaring this vision to the New Hope Church family,
Pastor Tyson was informed about a station manager in Wichita Falls opening the door
for that very type of format. He immediately contacted Mr. John Green, the station
manager of KLLF 1290AM, about the possibility of having a program with not only
gospel music but preaching, teaching and promoting artists as well. Still in the
producing stages of this adventure, Pastor Tyson shared his vision with the late
Ann Williams who joined him in seeing the manifestation this God ordained work.

On Saturday, March 5, 1988 Mission Gospel Train Ministries began its' journey on
the radio from 8 to 9am on KLLF 1290AM to the Texhoma region. Of course God’s
work never stays small and Pastor Tyson continues to trust in God with all he would
have him to do. So Pastor Tyson, known as "The Gospel Conductor", approached
Mr. Mike Klappenburger, station manager of KVWC 1490AM / 102.3FM in Vernon, TX,
to inquire about having the same type of programming in Vernon. And in 1989, on the
Sunday Mornings the Mission Gospel Train began airing on KVWC from 7 – 9am.

Lean not to thine own understanding…..

Station management changes at KLLF 1290 could not stop God’s work! Mission Gospel Train
was blessed to travel on to KNIN 990AM on March 26, 1994. The “Train continued to
stay on course and another track was laid for Mission Gospel Train to provide the
Gospel of Jesus Christ- TELEVISION! This open door was opened by God and inspired by
Brandon Payne, son of Minister Rod Payne, owner of Christian Family Network Television
(CFNT- Cable Ch 10, UHF Ch 30). In 1997 the Gospel Conductor was blessed to do
the work of God “live” every first Thursday of the month (with rebroadcasts) by now
reaching all mankind spiritually and naturally with interviews from pastors and
lay ministers, promoting events, introduction gospel artist and interviewing guests
who could give insight in addressing the issues of life with practical and biblical applications.

In all thy ways acknowledge him....

As the train was pulling into the television station, the radio station was experiencing
more changes. So, Mission Gospel Train joined APEX broadcasting and in 2000 the
Clear Channel Broadcasting family under the direction of station manager, Mr. Jim Marks.
Presently this is where the radio ride airs every Saturday morning from 8 – 10am.

And he shall direct thy path...

In 2004, The Gospel Conductor received orders from "Our Master Conductor" to return
to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the Pastor of his home church, New Hope Baptist Church.

Give and it shall be given unto you…

Even with this promotion from God, Pastor Tyson never lost sight of the vision he
placed within his heart and manifested through prayers and wisdom from the Holy Ghost.
The radio programming in Vernon continued through Rev. Darrell Willie. The Gospel
Conductor could see the work God was doing through Rev. Willie as well as his desire
to continue the work. At the leading of the Holy Ghost Pastor Tyson gave the time slot
to Pastor Darrell Willie so that gospel programming could continue in the greenbelt area,
thus Hour of Hope was born and Pastor Willie’s vision of a voice for his ministry,
House of Hope (Vernon, TX) could be heard.

Mission Gospel Train continues to go and grow as God gives the increase from what
has been planted through individuals volunteering their time and generosity of talents.

Money answereth all things…

Praise God for Pastor Tyson for ensuring that his vision come to fruition and for the
continual support of businesses and individuals who have contributed to this ministry
and to this day help the Mission Gospel Train declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ for
man’s edification and God’s glorification.

As it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart
of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
Mission Gospel Train Ministries
Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ for
Man's edification and God's Glorification
Pastor Edward Jennings Tyson, Gospel Conductor
Mission Gospel Train Ministries
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