God’s way of doing things gives us a balance of natural and spiritual excellence to be able to function in
the world. Pastor Tyson graduated from Douglas High School and in 1979 from Southwestern Oklahoma
State University with a degree in business administration and a minor in philosophy. During this time of
learning Pastor Tyson fully surrendered to not only the call but the work of preaching the Gospel of
Jesus Christ at age 19. He was blessed to be given the opportunity to serve as assistant pastor to the late
Pastor W.B. Mucker at Bethany Baptist Church in Clinton, OK. Little did he know what God was molding
and grooming him for.

After the death of Pastor Roy Vasher, the New Hope Baptist Church of Vernon, TX was given the
recommendation by Pastor James O Bradford to consider Rev. Tyson as Pastor. And in July 1986 God
blessed New Hope BC of Vernon, TX and Rev. Tyson to become one in advancing the Kingdom of God in
the Greenbelt area of Texas. His work reached out to the community with the establishment of Visions
Economic Development Corporation which was the entity that lead the way for various programming and
the renovating of the Booker T Washington Gym.

As Pastor Tyson continued to do his work locally in Vernon, he couldn’t help but recognize the void
regionally for Black Gospel Music. And in 1988 God placed Mission Gospel Train Ministries within his
spirit and opened the door for radio programming on KLLF 1290AM on Saturdays in Wichita Falls, TX
(presently Newstalk1290am), as well as KVWC in Vernon, TX on Sundays. God wasn't finished using the
Pastor Tyson "the Gospel Conductor.” He opened up the television airways through the Christian Family
Network Television in Wichita Falls, TX (CFNT) for Mission Gospel Train to be a vessel for people to be
ministered to and a platform for local artists to present their gifts from God.

With all that Pastor Tyson thought he had to do God still had more in him that needed to manifest:
enlarging his territory. In 2004, Pastor Tyson received orders to return to Oklahoma City, OK and
pastor his “home church”
New Hope Baptist Church.

As the leader of New Hope BC, and traveling over 100 miles on weekends to be on air for
Mission Gospel Train Ministries and as the leader of Vernon, Tx, New Visions Economic Development
Corporation, Pastor Tyson continues to advance the kingdom of God by working through outreach
in the local community and positions held nationally. His trust in the Lord shall continue to direct his
faith in higher heights and deeper depths of impacting lives through Jesus Christ.
Mission Gospel Train Ministries
Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ for
Man's edification and God's Glorification
Pastor Edward Jennings Tyson, Gospel Conductor
Pastor Edward Jennings Tyson

Pastor, Preacher, Teacher,
and more is what describes this great man of God.

Pastor E. Jennings Tyson’s love for the Word and music is one of
God’s greatest orchestrated arrangements in Texhoma’s history.

As the only son of the late Edward and Nellie V. Tyson,

Pastor E. Jennings (EJ) Tyson began his journey in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma at the
New Hope Baptist Church.

Pastor Tyson’s early years of holding positions in auxillaries at his
“home church” as well as local and state positions helped shape and
prepare him for the path laid before him.
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