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Praising God & Being Blessed w/ Pastor Michael Strahan

A humble and compassion profound teacher of the Gospel
of Jesus Christ is how this man of God lives his life.

Pastor Strahan can be heard on the Mission Gospel Train
every Saturday at 9am Newstalk 1290am.

Pastor Strahan and his wife Co-Pastor Patricia shepherd
The Cross Road Worship Center in Wichita Falls and
Scotland Baptist Church in Scotland, Texas.

From their 50 years of union (2011) they have 8 children,
26 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

Pastor Michael was a youth pastor for 27 years before becoming a licensed minister under
Pastor Angus Thompson and New Jerusalem Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas.
Pastor Strahan believes in the full Gospel and that the New Testament is the fulfillment
of the Old and that both must go together for wisdom, knowledge and understanding
of God's plan for mankind.

Praising God and Being Blessed is more than the title of a radio program it is
truly the way life ought to be lived. Praising God must be with our voices in shouts, prayer,
testimony and song as well as in our thoughts and ACTIONS. Being Blessed as the lyrics of
Jim Callahan's song states is what happens in our lives as we live out a life of praise.

If you would like to contact Pastor Strahan write to:
Praising God and Being Blessed
4005 State Highway 258 E
Wichita Falls, TX 76310
www.thecrossroad.us        email:  mstrahan@thecrossroad.us

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Praising God and Being Blessed w/ Pastor Michael Strahan

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Pastor Michael Strahan
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