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Woman to Woman Family Network Ministries w/  Pastor Pamela Hart

Psalmist, preacher, and teacher is what describes
this great woman of God.

Pastor Pamela Hart can be heard on the Mission
Gospel Train every first and third Saturday
at 8:30am on Newstalk 1290am.

Growing up in a Christian home is not foreign to
Rev. Carter. She accepted Christ at the age
of 10 under her father, Pastor Clemmie Smith,
McDonald/Pine Street Church of Christ in
Hillsboro, Texas.   

To give to Woman to Woman's radio ministry or
contact Rev. Carter write to:

Woman to Woman Ministries

P O Box 2066, Wichita Falls, Tx 76307
For More information about Pastor Carter's
ministry go to Woman to Woman Family Network

Her own personal evangelistic work began during her teen years when
she would do street ministry and host home "Introductions to Christ" parties for teenagers.

She was licensed to preach on December 8, 2000, and is actively under the leadership
of Pastor Angus Thompson at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, TX.

Pastor Hart's love for ministering to people, women in particular, has been exemplified
through her journalistic talents as the co-editor of "The Woman's Corner'" a monthly
newsletter, and hosting conferences. Her ministry of helps is carried over to the natural
realm in the area of the health profession. Rev. Carter is a registered nurse and currently
completing work on her master's in Health Administration.

Pastor Hart is married to Pastor Ron hart and they have six children, which include
her natural protectors: Sidney II and Sheldon

If you would like to contact Pastor Hart write to:

Woman to Woman Family Network Ministries
P O Box 2066,
Wichita Falls, TX76307

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Woman to Woman Family Network Ministries w/ Pastor Pamela Hart

WtoW 17sep2011
Pastor Pamela Hart, Sis Felicia Maher
and Pastor Star Williams